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Corporate and Workplace Wellness

The long hours at the desk, the frequent travels or entertaining clients may lead to unwanted weight gains due to not eating the right food when grabbing lunch outside or dining out. Time-straved individuals may not always be able to bring home-cooked lunches to the office or have breakfast before going to work. Then we have the mid-afternoon energy crashes, which lead to people eating anything they can get their hands on or drinking a lot of coffee to get through the rest of the day.

But we have some easy and practical strategies to fix this! If you or your employees want to perform at your full potential, be less prone to sick days, be even more productive, be healthier and happier, this is for you!

I offer a variety of customised fitness and nutrition packages tailored for working professionals. Ask us today how Mirko Fit Foodie can improve the lives and well-being of your staff and colleagues.

Fit Foodie Talks: Workplace Wellness

I offer lunch and breakfast talks in the format of "Fit Foodie Talks" (running 45-60 minutes, depending on preferred/available time) to cover a range of health and nutrition topics. These relaxed and informative talks highlight key issues facing working professionals today, such as lack of time to cook at home or how to eat healthy when dining out. These talks are presented in an interactive, engaging manner and provide practical and science-based advice that your employees can implement right away. 

Topics are tailored to your company’s needs, but may include:

  • Ideal foods for mental alertness, clarity and concentration

  • Common food myths and misconceptions explained

  • Right-sizing meal portions without counting calories

  • Importance of breakfast and 'grab-and-go' ideas

  • Coffee and its role in weight gain

  • Healthy snacks to keep in the office

  • How to eat healthy, energy-boosting meals during lunches and dining out

  • How to read food nutrition labels

  • Lifestyle tips on how to improve energy, sleep and promote weight loss

  • Stretching and Pilates exercises to relieve back/shoulder/neck pain (done right at your desk)

If you are interested in learning more about how you can bring Fit Foodie Talks to your workplace, please feel free to reach me over email.

Make the change, one small step at a time!

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