Pilates: My Journey


My journey with Pilates began in 2000, when I started practising it to recover from severe back pain. After only 6 months working on both the mat and equipment, I learned to move my body more efficiently.


Then I started to experience significant results!


My injuries were no longer debilitating and I was able to get back to my fitness regimen - while practising Pilates at the same time. This is what convinced me to become a Pilates instructor and help others recover from injuries and misalignments just like I did.


Studying Polestar Pilates Mat, Reformer and Studio under the supervision of International Master Trainer Dawnna Wayburne, I worked at her state-of-the-art training centre and Polestar Asia headquarters in Hong Kong for over 11 years. Soon enough, I became a Polestar Educator - conducting Certification Courses for Mat, Reformer and Studio -  as well as presenting Master Classes and workshops throughout Asia.

Furthermore, in 2008 I took the rigorous PMA exam and I have been a proud Nationally Certified Pilates Teacher (NCPT, formally known as PMA®-CPT) since, belonging to an association that strives to establish, maintain and promote high professional standards in the Pilates community. 


I offer the following Pilates training formats for my clients:

  • 1-on-1 training (Mat and Equipment)

  • "Duet" Semi-Private (for 2) training (Mat and Equipment)

  • Group training (Mat and Reformer)

Make the change, one small step at a time!



Pilates: Education and Mentoring


I offer Mentoring and Education for the next generation of Polestar Pilates teachers.

As a Polestar Educator and teacher-trainer, I conducted Certification Courses for Mat, Reformer and Studio as well as presented Master Classes and workshops throughout Asia for 12 years.

I am now offering mentoring and education in Los Angeles and Southern California.

I offer the following:

  • 1-on-1 Mentoring: Many Pilates teacher-trainers appreciate the one-on-one service and attention of a solo mentoring session. I spend a lot more time providing technical feedback not only to prepare students for the final exam but also lifelong teaching and learning. My students' tailor-made programs do vary quite often and depend on many factors such as their areas of focus, overall level of study and mentoring venue (for example, gym facilities or homes).

  • "Duet" Semi-Private (for 2) Mentoring: Other students prefer a "Duet" mentoring package, which works especially well for close friends with similar learning objectives.

  • Group Mentoring: Some students enjoy a Group Mentoring format. This works well with friends and fellow classmates.


Mentoring Testimonials

Mirko taught me mat pilates and also mentored me through the Polestar Comprehensive rehab course.   He was obviously incredibly experienced and knowledgeable, whilst patient and light hearted throughout our sessions.  I felt he put us at ease especially when faced with more challenging exercises, and how to build up to them.   As an osteopath, I often had specific patients and their individual diagnosis in mind when developing treatment plans.  Mirko was a great help with these individual case histories and how to apply rehab pilates to my patients’ individual needs.  I would definitely recommend him for both mat and studio classes and mentoring - Suzanna 

Mirko was my mentor while I was preparing for my Polestar Pilates Comprehensive Studio Exams. He was incredibly encouraging and generous with his wealth of knowledge. His experience in fitness (not just pilates) and physical therapy really helped deepen my understanding of the functional applications of the various pilates exercises. Mirko was ever so patient and understanding during the whole process, which definitely helped calm my nerves and be better prepared for the exam - Xue Wei

Mirko was one of the first mentors I had upon the completion of the course modules. The first few mentoring sessions are always a challenge, not knowing what to expect. Mirko's approachability put us all at ease and we have enjoyed the mentoring sessions with him. He provides good learning points and ensures the critical parts of every exercise are covered either for demonstration or teaching. His mat classes are always interesting and a definite must as part of your observation. Mirko has been a great influence through my journey with Polestar Pilates - Daowei

I'm very grateful for having Mirko as my mentor in preparing for the Polestar Mat teacher exam. As an enthusiast with a full time job, it was challenging to juggle practicing, mentoring and working.

Mirko was really kind and made it as flexible as possible to suit my needs despite his own busy teaching schedule. I was always amazed at how fast each mentoring session flew by as it’s jam packed with all the fun and insightful nuggets that Mirko generously shared. These not only brought life to the theoretical knowledge, but also gave me a jump start in understanding and managing the clients’ needs in real life as a movement teacher. A big “thank you” to Mirko for helping me successfully becoming a Polestar teacher as well as the memorable and enriching learning experience - Vicky

Mentoring with Mirko is both fun and rewarding! By being compassionate and patient in guiding me on the important aspects of the exercises/syllabus, Mirko is effective is preparing me for the exam.

As a trainee trying to complete the logbook amidst an irregular work schedule and with limited resources, I am truly grateful for the opportunity to train under a thoughtful mentor like Mirko. Not to mention, we had so much fun in the process! - Lucretia

I love my mentoring sessions with Mirko! He played a crucial role as my mentor in the course of my mat training. An encouraging instructor, he never made me feel inadequate. His teachings are systematic and it was easy for me to track my progress in terms of the quality of my teaching and demonstration - Dionne

I want to thank Mirko for his mentoring in preparation for my polestar mat exam. He is always very patient and knowledgeable. His explanations are clear and helped me a lot on both my exercise mastery and teaching skills. I am very happy with my exam results - Amy


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Make the change, one small step at a time!