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Nutrition: Group Coaching

Just like in fitness, healthy nutrition is more fun – and often more successful – when it’s social!


As a Nutrition Coach, I offer both 1-on-1 as well as Group Coaching. While individual counseling is certainly beneficial, for some clients, a group format can be equally - if not more - effective! Check out my blog post on this!


Make the change, one small step at a time!


Fit Foodie Nutrition Boot Camp

Fit Foodie Boot Camp

Grounded in the belief in 'strength in numbers', I have created a structured, intensive small group nutrition coaching program called the 'Fit Foodie Boot Camp'. In a Group Coaching format, the Boot Camp harnesses the power of togetherness - and places clients in a group with other people who are working towards similar nutrition goals.


Boot Camp contains the essential elements of a 1-on-1 coaching system: You will receive key (but overlooked) ingredients to success, work on one habit at a time, but scaled to your goals and needs. You will ultimately work towards your long-term goals and recognise current limiting factors. What’s unique is the format.


In this format, I will lead a small group (minimum 5 clients). Each Boot Camp intake receives the following:


A. Four nutrition sessions (1 hour each). I will present the key elements or building blocks to healthy nutrition. This can be done in person, or virtually - whichever is convenient for the group! Topics will be structured around the Boot Camp intake's goals and may include:

  • Understanding the relationship between metabolism and the food you eat

  • How to critically read food/nutrition labels and choose the healthiest products on the grocery shelf; how to choose healthy alternatives to less-healthy food

  • How to improve your gut and liver health

  • Understanding the right-sized portions of "macronutrients" (carbs, protein, fats) for each person


B. Exclusive, interactive online forum

In addition to the 4 group sessions, each Boot Camp participant will have access to an exclusive, interactive online forum (specifically created for their intake). In this forum, participants will be encouraged to:

  • Ask questions

  • Share advice, personal experience, resources – or even their daily meals!

  • Share their struggles - and their successes!

  • Share their learnings from the previous lesson and how they are applying to their lifestyle

  • I will be there to moderate, answer questions and provide support through the course of the 4-week program. Registration is now open for 'Fit Foodie Boot Camp'!


If you are interested in learning more about Boot Camp or joining this community, please feel free to reach me on my Contact page.


I look forward to hearing from you!


Make the change, one small step at a time!


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