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Personal Training

As a Personal Trainer, I believe that exercise should be fun - yet challenging - and customised to suit each individual’s needs.


First and foremost, I believe in correcting body mechanics and alignment so that you can move on to more challenging exercises without the risk of injuries or without compromising the healing process from past injuries. After helping you address or correct your body’s limitations, only then can we progress to more challenging levels.


From that point, the possibilities are endless!


I like to use a mix of free weights, compound multi-joints body weight exercises and portable equipment (TRX and bands) to design the training sessions. I always incorporate some of the Pilates principles in my programs as I believe it gives my clients a solid foundation to correct and enhance their technique. 


I work with a wide variety of clients: from the working professionals who want to improve their fitness and muscle conditioning to the pre/post-natal women who need to close their Diastasis Recti and strengthen their core and the retired baby boomers wanting to maintain their health and functionality for years to come.

My clients' tailor-made programs do vary quite often and depend on many factors such as their areas of focus, training venue (for example, gym facilities or homes), their preferred workouts as well as overall fitness level and progress.


For more information on my personal training services and pricing, please reach me by email via the Contact page.


Make the change, one small step at a time!


Success Stories 



Christine is a young professional who prefers the outdoors for her workouts. She lives near a beautiful park with a workout station, so it was clear that we would train al fresco.


For Christine, I developed a workout program comprising of a series of compound exercises using body weight and transportable equipment (TRX and bands). Since she enjoys it, I made sure to incorporate Pilates into her exercise routine to address her areas of focus - to strengthen her core and improve posture.

 Niko and Kelly


Niko and Kelly are a vibrant couple that wanted to workout together. Their apartment building has a beautiful fully-equipped clubhouse, which had ample space for their training sessions.


Both Niko and Kelly wanted to address previous back injuries. For them, I designed a workout program comprising of mat Pilates at first. After a few months, we were were able to incorporate more resistance-training and free weights.


After training Niko and Kelly for three years, I know just how far they've come! Although I have left Hong Kong, we still hold training sessions remotely over Skype! 

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