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Nutrition: Packages

I offer Nutrition Coaching across a variety of formats: 


  • 1-on-1 Private: Many clients appreciate the service and attention of a one-on-one Nutrition programme. Before we begin, I first interview my client to understand their eating habits (for example, typical meals, favourite meals, meal times and other routines relating to their nutrition). I also collect important background information, such as medical history, past experience with diets and known food allergies/intolerances. With this information, I develop a customized Nutrition Plan that not only incorporates my client's long-term Nutrition, Health or Weight goals but also recognises their current habits, lifestyle and potential limiting factors or constraints. I use a 'building blocks' approach and offer simple, but significant steps to get them started. I follow up every 2-3 weeks to see if the new habits have been adopted, whether there is progress and how to resolve any issues that may have risen. From there, we keep building upon successes until my client achieves their nutrition goals.  


  • Semi-Private ('Duet' for 2): Other clients prefer a "Duet" Nutrition programme, which works especially well for busy couples or close friends with similar Nutrition or Health goals.


  • Group Coaching (minimum 5 participants): Some clients enjoy a Group Coaching format. This works well among family members, friends, colleagues, neighbours and even small businesses. I offer a Fit Foodie Boot Camp (more information here). In this format, I lead a group of minimum 5 clients and coach them through 4 nutrition sessions (1 hour each). The topics are tailored to each intake but may include:

    • Understanding the relationship between metabolism and the food we eat

    • How to read food labels and choose the healthiest products on the grocery shelf

    • How to improve gut and liver health

    • Tips for food prepping, eating out and what to eat when travelling

    • Understanding the right-sized portions of "macronutrients" (carbs, protein, fats) for each person

    • In addition to the 4 group sessions, each Boot Camp participant will have access to an exclusive online forum where they can post questions, share interesting articles and other resources. I will supervise and faciliate the group online and provide support. More info on this on my Group Coaching page.


Make the change, one small step at a time!


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