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Nutrition: Fit Foodie Talks

In addition to 1-on-1 and Group Nutrition CoachingI also offers one-off Nutrition information sessions - called "Fit Foodie Talks".


These "Fit Foodie Talks" typically last 45-90 minutes and can be designed to fit the specific nutrition goals and interests of the audience. Here are a selection of topics:


  • How to Eat for Weight Loss, Better Health, Improved Mood and Energy

  • How to Eat to Optimise Hormonal Balance

  • Gut Health 101: How to Eat for a Healthier Gut

  • Grocery Shopping: How to Make Healthier Decisions at the Supermarket for You and Your Family

  • Food Optimisation and Workplace Wellness for Working Professionals

  • How to Swap Ingredients for Travel, Take-Out or Eating Out 

  • Strategies for Eating Well with Minimum Prep Time and Kitchen Equipment

  • Back-to-School Special: How to Prepare your Kids for Boarding School

  • Off-to-Uni Special: Beat the 'Freshman 15'

Fit Foodie Talks may be "open to the public" or privately-sponsored by any number of organisations including:

  • Gyms, Fitness and Pilates studios

  • Restaurants, cafes and organic supermarkets that share our philosophy to food

  • Building societies, condominium associations

  • Nonprofit organisations

  • Parents school associations, school alumni associations

  • Business associations, small businesses, large multinationals


If you are interested in learning more about how you can bring Fit Foodie Talks to your organisations, please feel free to reach me over email.



Make the change, one small step at a time!


Recent Fit Foodie Talks

How to Eat for Weight Loss


I recently delivered a Fit Foodie Talk on "How to Eat for Weight Loss" to a packed studio at Core Fitness. This 90-minute interactive session discussed how anyone can enjoy wholesome delicious food in large, satisfying portions – and still achieve weight loss goals.


Among the topics addressed include:

  • What affects your metabolism and what hinders weight loss

  • How to find ‘hidden ingredients’ and added sugars in food labels

  • Why calorie-counting is not effective

  • How to 'right-size' meal portions

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