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My philosophy



To me, fitness and nutrition shouldn’t be things that we merely ‘find time for’ in our busy schedules. Instead, I think proper fitness and nutrition should be integrated into our daily lives. In short, your health is a lifestyle decision - never a fad or a quick fix! By incorporating into our lives the right type of physical activity and nutritional intake, we can look and feel healthier and happier to lead longer and satisfying lives.


I can help you!


At the heart of my approach is customisation. First, I learn about my clients and their unique individual needs. From there, I use a building blocks approach to challenge my clients in fitness and to advance towards the right nutrition plan.


My philosophy as a personal trainer is that exercise should be fun yet challenging and tailored to each individual’s needs. I believe in - first - correcting body mechanics and alignment so that you can move on to more challenging exercises without the risk of injuries or without compromising the healing process from past injuries. After helping you address or correct your body’s limitations, only then can we progress in your workouts.


My approach to nutrition is similar. As a nutrition coach, I believe that dietary changes should be simple and gradual at first. This gives the body ample time to adapt to your new way of eating as well as nutrients being introduced. Just like in fitness, there is no ‘one-size-fits-all’ and each individual has very specific needs. My approach is to educate my clients on how to eat whole food that is both natural and nutritious - but most importantly - right for them.



Mirko Turla



“There's no such thing as the 'perfect time' to start ... so just start! Do what you can do right now! Make the change, one tiny step at a time.”

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