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Mirko Fit Foodie - The Kitchen Makeover Edition!

Singapore-based Fitness and Nutrition coach Mirko raids the pantry (and fridge) of a client - a single, expat professional woman in her 30s who exercises regularly but wants to improve her nutrition and eating habits. She loves to bake.

As a nutrition coach, Mirko offers the value-added service of a 'Kitchen Makeover' to help clients: * Make the right healthy choice * Understand how food affects the body * Learn to critically read nutrition labels * Spot 'red flags' and what to watch out for * Find 'hidden sugars' * Address some common myths and misconceptions around nutrition * Learn healthy alternatives to less-healthy food * Right-size meal portions and exercise portion control * Follow an easy 'traffic light' approach to food * Re-fit the kitchen for healthier cooking and lifestyle * Learn new recipes and tips for healthy dishes * Learn the facts, stay on track and be a healthier human being ... one small step at a time.

Book your Kitchen Makeover or a 1-on-1 nutrition consultation today!

More on Mirko's approach to fitness and nutrition at:

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