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Resto Review: Open Farm Community - FitFoodie Files

Last night I had dinner at Open Farm Community restaurant, near Dempsey Hill.

It came highly recommended by friends who loved the food and the ambiance.

I must say, they did not oversell the experience!

The dishes I ate were lovely - full of flavour, texture and ... beautifully presented! I ordered the lamb shank, a side of baby eggplants and roasted pumpkin with pesto. The dessert was grilled watermelon with strawberry sorbet (are you salivating yet?)

As I don't eat gluten or dairy, I asked my waitress to assist me in liaising with the kitchen to make sure neither were in my food. She was really helpful - constantly coming back to me with the ingredients of certain dishes and the replacements and swaps that the kitchen could do to accommodate my dietary restrictions.

I really liked the decor and feeling of openness! I felt as if I was dining in a greenhouse surrounded by lush plants and trees. I love that OFC grows their own vegetables (or sources them from nearby local farming communities) to use them in their dishes. Often times in big cities, it's hard to find local farmers from whom to buy products ... or worse, we don't know where some produce come from at all.

On my way out, I couldn't help but pass by OFC's shop. I bought a jar of bee pollen to try. They also sell fruit, vegetables, honeycombs and drinks.

All in all, OFC offered a great dining experience in beautiful surroundings - and run by people passionate about food and the environment. If you are in Singapore, you must try it!

Book in advance, as they tend to get busy on weekends.

Been here? Tell us about your experience!

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